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What can you do with all those empty gin bottles?

LED Solar Powered Cork Shaped String Light

Many of us have a few interesting bottles of varying shapes and sizes that we have kept a hold of with no particular purpose in mind so solar powered cork shaped string lights are the perfect accessory to put those bottles to good use and if you don't have any bottles to use, there are numerous places where you can buy them in shapes and styles to suit your individual taste.

One of the most popular ways to obtain your bottle is, of course, to buy one of your choice and drink the contents first, win win !!

Turning bottles into lamps has long been a pastime but in days gone by, this usually required a completely different approach, either cutting the base away from the bottle or drilling a hole in the bottle to feed a mains cable in along with traditional fairy lights or else fitting a standard bulb holder to the top of the bottle after filling the bottle with something like brown sugar, very 1970s !

Fortunately we now have led lights that make the job a whole lot more straightforward, less time consuming and not dependent on being near a mains socket.

There are two types of cork string lights generally available, those that require a battery pack wether they are rechargeable or not, or our choice, eco friendly LED lights where the solar charger is mounted inside the “cork”. These are not only eco friendly but they do away with the need for a battery pack which, if it is a bulky external type of pack, requires hiding away out of sight. Using the solar powered option which is our choice does away with any needs requiring recharging as placing the bottle near a window will automatically recharge ready for use, portable and ready to move to the centre of a dining table, bedside night light, whatever ! Another advantage of using solar powered string lights where the solar charger is in the cork is that they are adaptable to a wide range of bottles of differing shapes and sizes meaning that the most difficult choice is what colour lights to choose !

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