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To bag or not to bag....

To bag or not to bag....


For many years now, the majority of us tea drinkers have relied upon the speed and ease of use of tea bags to brew our cuppas and loose leaf tea, teapots and strainers have been the preserve of the real tea aficionados but this is now changing rapidly … sometimes, the old ways really are best !
The use of loose leaf tea has really come to the fore recently as the news has reported on the findings that many teabags contain traces of micro plastics which is not something anybody would wish to ingest.
Nobody really wants to use a standard teapot and strainer nowadays apart from diehard traditionalists but what about tea infusers or teapots with built in infusers / strainers – perfect !
Using these gives the user the choice of the many varieties of loose teas available whilst ensuring a perfect cup of tea.
Infusers are designed to be straightforward to use by placing directly into the mug or cup keeping the loose tea inside the infuser while letting the steeped tea into the cup … although some users go one step further and then pour the tea into a second cup through a very fine strainer to remove and bits of leaf that have escaped the infuser ! This is one big advantage of using loose leaf tea over
teabags … teabags often contain small broken leaves and dust which contain less of the antioxidants that make tea good for you. The other notable disadvantage of teabags is that the tea is packed into them relatively tightly which means that the tea leaves have little room to expand and release their full flavour which is not the case with infusers.
The two most popular choices in tea infuser design tends to be either the ball infusers or the silicone infusers, both choices of which we have here at PandM Eco Gear !
Ball infusers are often the best choice for making a quick single cup of tea and are usually made of metal or use a fine mesh and come in a wide range of different styles and shapes.

Silicone tea infusers are similar in the way that they work to ball infusers but add an extra dimension of fun to tea making !

For the larger mug or smaller teapot, we also have the stainless steel strainer that fits directly over and into the mug or pot … the advantage of this over the ball or silicone infuser is the size … more room for the loose tea means more flavour will be produced and a strong flavour is a preference for some consumers of tea.
For the larger brews, nothing beats a teapot … apart from a teapot that has a built in infuser, of course ! We tried and tested a few different pots, not only to see which produced the best flavours but also which didn't leak and drip everywhere and we found one particularly good one that ticked all the boxes and we were happy to add it to our collection !
Whichever infuser you choose, you can be sure that you will be enjoying your tea at its best and that it will be free of any hidden nasties in it !!

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