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Solar Powered Lighting anyone?

Solar Lighting   Summer is now in full swing and it is barbecue time once again … so what better time to enhance your garden or patio with attractive and cosy eco friendly garden lights !

String lights are a wonderful addition to any garden and give a laid back fairy tale feel !

They can be used to dramatic effect when criss crossed over a table used for eating at the barbecue and will add light to those sat eating their meal … add some lanterns or eco friendly candles to the table and enjoy the meal ! They are flexible in use so if not over a table, they are ideal for threading on trees and bushes or along a fence to create a lighting wonderland in your own garden !

To supplement the string lights, it is good to have solar powered main lights to illuminate steps and pathways to allow safe walking in the low lighting provided by the decorative lights to ensure an accident free evening. These can be spaced appropriately around the garden and the more decorative lights added afterwards to ensure a balance between safety and atmospheric lighting.

Many of us have features in the garden that we would like to highlight in the evening, be it walkways or paths, rockeries or water features and a perfect way to do this is by using ski torch lights or lawn lamps which combined with the string lights, will enhance your garden features after the sun has gone down.

The garden features can also benefit from being highlighted by strategically placed spotlights which work well in combination with the string lights and torch lights, especially in the darkest areas of the garden. They are also extremely useful for illuminating potential hazardous areas such as steps and decking edges …. a spotlight can be used for the main illumination and string lights for the edging !

Spotlights are great for doing what it says on the tin …. illuminating dark or hazardous areas but with a little imagination, they can also be used in other ways …. they are good for illuminating textured walls to show of the texture in the dark and so make the textured wall a night time feature in itself. They can also be used to cast dramatic shadows, be it from a large or unusually shaped tree, fountain, statues etc …. making for a good talking point amongst your guests !

Used creatively and by letting your imagination run wild, a night time garden can be a wonderful place to spend your evenings just by using attractive and functional eco lighting !


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