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How good are Solar Security Lights?

Solar powered security lighting is becoming more and more popular with home owners as a simple and straightforward eco friendly alternative or accompaniment to the traditional hard wired mains units. Here, we look at the pros and the few cons to choosing a solar powered unit.

The obvious plus points to using solar powered security lighting unit(s) are quite clear …. the battery charges using the sunlight and therefore cuts out using paid for electricity from the mains supply … lower electricity bills are always a plus point ! As the unit(s) are independent stand alone they do not require any complex installation as there is no wiring involved so anyone with very basic DIY skills can install them easily and quickly straight out of the box. The lack of mains wiring also means more versatility as to where you can position them …. should you need lighting at the bottom end of a large garden, for instance, long lengths of water proofed cabling doesn't enter into it … place them as you wish ! This avoids any possibility of electrocution and has the added advantage that they do not generate the heat that mains lights do.

The big advantage of our unit is that it will give out a dimmer light when dark but switch to a brighter light when the motion detector senses a person moving thus maximising the charge that has accumulated during the daytime.... and is a good deterrent to people who shouldn't be there !

As with most things in life, there are some minor disadvantages to solar powered security lights, the obvious one being that a succession of dull cloudy winter days will lower the units ability to fully charge. This is not so much of a problem if people do not trigger the full bright mode by constantly passing within the sensor range so units placed in more remote areas of the property will not run out of power too quickly but if there is an area where the light will be subject to a lot of human traffic, it would be more realistic to place a mains powered unit in that spot and then to use the solar unit(s) in the more quiet places.

Also, the light emitted from a solar powered unit does generally tend to be slightly dimmer than from a mains unit but the difference is negligible for an average sized property / area.

We think that the pros greatly outweigh the cons and can highly recommend that eco friendly solar powered security lights are the way to go !


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