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  • To bag or not to bag....

    To bag or not to bag.... For many years now, the majority of us tea drinkers have relied upon the speed and ease of use of tea bags to brew our cuppas and loose leaf tea, teapots and strainers have been the preserve of the real tea aficionados but this is now changing rapidly … sometimes, the old ways really are best !...
  • What can you do with all those empty gin bottles?

    LED Solar Powered Cork Shaped String Light Many of us have a few interesting bottles of varying shapes and sizes that we have kept a hold of with n...

    The popularity of solar panels for the home is increasing year on year and there are many reasons for this. At present, almost one million UK homes benefit from having installed solar panels and in 2018, the UK's renewable energy capacity overtook that of fossil fuels … an eco friendly revolution is underway !

    Ensuring your small business is green and eco friendly is not only beneficial to the

    environment but can also lead to increased business and profits. As many people are

    becoming more aware of environmental issues, they are more prepared to pay a higher

    price for goods and services when they can see that a company is taking responsibility

  • Solar Powered Lighting anyone?

       Summer is now in full swing and it is barbecue time once again … so what better time to enhance your garden or patio with attractive and cosy ec...

    we recognise that there are many occasions where compostable and biodegradable kitchenware has a big advantage over breakable ceramics and non biodegradable plastic disposable kitchenware. These non biodegradable items are not good for the environment and whilst
  • How good are Solar Security Lights?

    Solar powered security lighting is becoming more and more popular with home owners as a simple and straightforward eco friendly alternative or acco...
  • It's all work here!

    we have an ever growing list of good old Toys, but not any old toy
  • Practicing what we preach...

    I've owned campervans for a few years now, usually with the traditional arrangement of a leisure battery attached to a split charge relay which is fed via the engine alternator. This has been a bit of a love hate relationship